Peter's & Co. hand-sewn shoes

Hand-sewn shoes according to Goodyear’s workmanship

What is Goodyear’s workmanship?

Goodyear’s workmanship, the so-called “well”, was designed by the Englishman Charles Goodyear in the nineteenth century. Hand-sewn shoes with this process have a high hold, excellent comfort and adequate breathability. The technique requires that the welt of these hand-sewn, a strip of soft leather mounted around the perimeter, be sewn together with the insole and the uppers and then the sole. In the interspace between the insole and the sole there is a filling midsole in breathable material (generally cork).


What are the advantages of shoes produced with the Goodyear workmanship?

The hand sewn shoes by the b are distinguished by the following prerogatives:

  • Solidity: the Goodyear seam gives the shoe superior strength.
  • Durability: this method of sewing means that the shoes worked according to the Goodyear method fast longer, beyond the normal wear of the sole which, among other things, can be replaced without damaging the structure of the shoe.
  • Comfort: the midsole interposed between the insole and the sole offers a soft support for the foot