Men’s shoes Peter’s & Co., working hand-made

The processing of the shoe is a hand-made art, the result of a long tradition that demands the highest craftsmanship offering a shoe as a result of unique style and elegance.

Men’s shoes Peter’s & Co., skilful artisan craftsmanship made in Italy

Unlike the industrial work, where the processing is automated and uses generally prefabricated and already finished soles, our craftsmanship instead takes longer time; for example the assembly of the upper is done by hand paying close attention to the style and to the figure that the shoe must have. The realisation of the sole is performed directly on the shoe tree through several operations among which the most important are the seam and the milling. This kind of very important work, requires great professional from the operator, since he depends the precision and the beauty of the finished shoe. Last, the shoes are left to rest still in their shoe tree a few days before the ultimate cleaning and polishing, so that they can maintain their original and exclusive style through time.