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Tuscany artisan men's shoes
Artisan men's footwear
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Made in Italy artisan men's shoes
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Peter’s & Co handmade shoes, stylish and artisan men’s footwear

In Tuscany at the end of the twentieth century, the craftsmanship of the shoes began to disappear because of the increase in demand for athletic shoes and the production policy of the big brands.
Peter’s & Co., workshop shoes, was an efficient response to this reality, with the pure intention of reproducing the old processing of the handmade men’s footwear.

Artisan men’s footwear are crafted entirely by handmade

Peter’s & Co. was born in Tuscany as a workshop shoes with a long term experience in manufacturing of handmade men’s footwear.

Peter’s & Co. artisan men’s shoes were maked entirely by handmade in Tuscany where capable artisans with specialist hands research the finest materials like the leather for the upper and the hide for the sole to realize handmade men’s shoes with the Made in Italy trade mark, guarantee of elegance, comfort and long lasting resistance.

Just for the processing of the shoe, highly crafted, even among similar models anyway there will still be minor differences that make each pair of shoes that you will wear, a unique and original sample one.

Today our lab exists because people have became very able to appreciate the craftsmanship and the ancient tradition of handmade shoes, otherwise lost for ever. We create every pair of shoes with the same desire for perfection, because we pay special attention for full details and much love for the genuineness of our product.

Tuscany, a land of tradition, art and genius

Tuscan tradition

Tuscany, land of art, genius and craftsmanship is the home of Peter’s & Co. Our handmade shoes are born in the heart of this region among the green hills adorned by olive trees and vineyards that saw the birth of the famous genius, painter and inventor of the fifteenth century Leonardo da Vinci famous worldwide.

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Peter's & Co.

Peter’s & Co. is the high tradition footwear made in Tuscany entirely handmade with the finest materials.
A unique piece of our tradition carefully crafted with love.

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